(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

DENVER (CBS4) – Denver police are investigating an incident where an officer fired his weapon at 25th and Larimer streets.

Police say one of their officers attempted to make contact with a pedestrian, a man who was walking in the area that then led to a foot chase.

“During that foot chase the suspect got in a vehicle that appears to be stolen and he drives at officer who fears for life,” said Denver Police Sgt. Steve Warneke.

Police say the suspect attempted to run over the officer who then fired his gun.

Witnesses say they heard three gunshots.

“And then we looked out the window and we saw a man running and heard a bunch of siren immediately,” said witness Jules Davies.

Police were seen sprinting a few blocks up, took a man into custody, but released him.

Then the stolen car was found at 23rd and Court Streets where police put up a perimeter to look for the suspect.

“Anytime we have an officer feel threatened, fires or we don’t know if there are weapons on the suspect. We have a lot of investigating to do,” said Warneke.

Police said they are unclear why the officer initially wanted to talk to this man, or if there were more people in that stolen car.

Police are considering the man armed and dangerous.


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