Many Recovered Items Unclaimed So Far

CENTENNIAL, Colo. (CBS4) – Police are hunting for more suspects linked to a complex theft ring that stretched across the Denver metro area.

Three people already in custody after the discovery of hundreds of stolen items in a storage unit.

Last month the East Metro Auto Theft Team had been looking into a rash of stolen cars and burglaries. An arrest of a suspected car thief led them to the business DTC Self Storage in Centennial. Inside two different units they found the stolen goods packed inside.

“You get that search warrant and you open up that storage unit and you feel like you hit the mother lode. That feels really good for an investigator,” Aurora police spokeswoman Sgt. Cassidee Carlson said.

Alexis Triplett, Erin Lee Smith (credit: Aurora Police)

Alexis Triplett, Erin Lee Smith (credit: Aurora Police)

Erin Lee Smith, 20, and Alexis Triplett, 29, were arrested in the case, and a juvenile is also under arrest.

“We were able to connect them to other crimes,” Cassidee said.

Sean Garrison runs the storage center and says he was upset to learn stolen items were being stored through his business.

He told CBS4 he often saw Alexis Triplett showing up at the business with a different car. At least one of those cars was apparently stolen.

“Apparently she stole the only 2013 purple Charger in the state, and she spun her tires right there. So I called her Danica,” Garrison said.

Police say the crime ring involved career criminals, and that some of the thefts took place in Douglas County and others in Westminster. Stolen items including jewelry boxes, purses, TVs and golf clubs were taken from homes, cars and stolen delivery packages, according to authorities.

From what he has heard, Garrison got the impression that Triplett was the ringleader of the operation.

“She controlled all the boys and they did exactly what she told them to do,” he said.

Garrison said he hopes the busted crime ring will send an important message: “Crime don’t pay. that’s what it boils down to,” he said.

Many of the stolen items are so far unclaimed.

(credit: Aurora Police)

(credit: EMATT)

Police have set up a website with photos of the recovered property so people can see if any of the items are theirs. An email account has also been set up for anyone that is able to identify stolen property.

LINK: View The Items | Email East Metro Auto Theft Team:

Police said in reference to the email address above:

We ask that this email address only be used by victims that already have a police case number. If a victim’s property is on the website but a police report has not been made that victim will need to report the crime to their local law enforcement agency before contacting EMATT.


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