Jennifer Brice

CBS4’s Jennifer Brice knocks on the window of a home where it was thought a Colorado Furniture Restoration company representative might have been. (credit: CBS)

LONGMONT, Colo. (CBS4) – A woman whose family was a victim of Colorado’s historic floods in September has hired a private detective in hopes of getting treasured furniture back from an apparent scam artist.

Kelly Haley of Longmont told CBS4 she found a listing on Craigslist that promised it would help her refinish furniture belonging to her elderly mother that was among their family’s only items salvaged in the flooding.

The 100-year old antique bedroom set is a family heirloom.

“Now it’s just gone,” Haley told CBS4.

Haley says she hired David McNamara, who wrote on Craigslist he was from Colorado Furniture Restoration. She says McNamara wanted a $1,400 cash deposit to begin the work.

“If I gave him check it would have to sit in his bank an additional three days and if I payed him cash he would start on them right away,” Haley said.

Haley says the furniture was supposed to be returned in a week, but she got delays and more delays.

After weeks went by, Haley hired her own truck and after pushing the issue with McNamara, she said he told her to pick the furniture up at a Denver home. It turned out to be an empty house with no one inside.

“There was no furniture there either,” she said.

The Better Business Bureau told CBS4 the company currently has an F rating with them. Spokeswoman Megan Herrera said that rating comes from not fulfilling contracts, repair issues and customers not able to get their furniture back.

CBS4 tried tracking down McNamara at several addresses with no luck.

The private detective Haley recently hired found that there are outstanding warrants out for McNamara.

Haley has called police and is hoping to be assigned a case.

“I at least would like to get the furniture back to my mother,” she said.

Herrera recommends only hiring companies that are either accredited by them or registered with the state of Colorado. At minimum, she suggests checking the company’s rating and doing your homework.

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