Detective Kyle Hall (credit: Eagle County Sheriff's Office)

Detective Kyle Hall (credit: Eagle County Sheriff’s Office)

EAGLE, Colo. (CBS4) – A well respected Eagle County detective who was the victim of burglary while battling cancer has passed away.

Kyle Hall was a nationally recognized K-9 officer and a member of the SWAT team.

“Top notch, salt of the earth type of guy. Honest, totally professional,” said Sheriff Joe Hoy.

Hall worked for the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office for 20 years. About two years ago he was diagnosed with leukemia.

Last October as he was getting cancer treatment in Denver, Hall’s home was burglarized by house sitter Keaton Bell. Bell took tactical gear, weapons and ammo.

“Kyle’s down there fighting for his life and this clown is up here thinking wow this is really cool and tries to get away with it and gets caught,” said Hoy.

Bell was sentenced to five years probation. The case closed 10 days after Hall passed away.

“I think he got off extremely lucky, extremely lucky. As far as I’m concerned he should be in a federal prison right now,” said Hoy.

Hoy thinks that if Kyle was still with us he would be upset with this outcome.

“I’m sure Kyle would be pissed about this,” said Hoy.

Last week the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office held a ceremony for Detective Hall.

“You can see the love and you can see the emotions. It’s hard, it’s really hard,” said Hoy, “We know he’s not here but you still expect him to be here.”

The Eagle County Sheriff’s Office plans to honor Detective Hall with a memorial inside the justice center.

“It was a joy to work with him, an honor to work with him,” said Hoy.


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