Tredmill Desk (credit: CBS)

Treadmill Desk (credit: CBS)

DENVER, Colo. (CBS4) – In an attempt to get healthier, some Coloradans are spending several hours on a treadmill while they are at work instead of sitting at a desk.

Office Scapes is an office furnishings company that allows employees to do their work from treadmills.

Jessica Green does event planning and marketing for the company and spends hours a day walking instead of sitting in a chair.

“Emails, phone calls, I’ve written a couple of papers on there. You can really do anything,” said Green.

Studies indicate people who sit too much die at an earlier age. Sitting is considered the new smoking by some.

“It causes a lot of chronic disease, affects your blood sugar or your blood pressure,” said Nancy Littleford, the Director of Wellness for Office Scapes.

Littleford believes that people need to be proactive in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

“I think companies and society in general, our culture, we can’t keep just treating disease, we have to work for prevention,” said Littleford.

Littleford said she knows of one company that has only standing work stations.

The Office Scapes chair alternatives can cost as much as $3,500.


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