DENVER (CBS4) – There were some scary moments for homeowners in Denver when a stray bullet shot through four different apartment homes.

The incident happened on the lower floor of the Torrey Pines Apartments located off South Quebec Street and Arkansas Avenue in Arapahoe County. Five apartments there were a crime scene for many hours on Tuesday as police tried to find out exactly what happened.

The alleged shooter claimed her gun went off accidentally. Residents said they are thankful that the so-called accident didn’t take any lives.

“We were just in shock. We didn’t know whether to get down or run,” resident Caroline Hankins said.

A gun shot smashed through what was supposed to be a relaxing Tuesday afternoon for Hankins and her partner, Angel Gray.

“I just got up and I looked and I saw the two bullet holes and was like, ‘Holy crap,’ “ Gray said.

The couple ran outside and was shocked to learn where the bullet came from — four doors down. That meant the bullet passed through four different residences, and all of the apartments were occupied.

“We are just lucky that it didn’t hit any of us in any of these units,” Hankins said.

Neighbors say the bullet ricocheted through each apartment before stopping and came dangerously close to more than just furniture.

“Our other neighbor was really distraught too because it came, I guess it came within this far of hitting his son in the head,” Gray said while holding her hands about a foot apart.

The shooter, who lives in the complex, told neighbors she thought the safety was on and the gun went off accidentally.

“It really made me angry because we have a 4-month-old living next door; that they just moved in,” Gray said. “We are all safe and I think God for that.”

Police are currently looking for the alleged accidental shooter, who name hasn’t been released. She could likely be facing reckless endangerment charges.


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