AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – Police in Aurora have charged a man in connection with an attempted child abduction on Monday.

John Snorsky, 26, of Aurora has been charged with first and second degree burglary and second degree kidnapping. He remains behind bars on a $500,000 bond.

Snorsky was arrested on Tuesday morning in Aurora for an investigative parole hold on an unrelated case. He has remained in jail since he was arrested.

The crime happened early Monday morning at a home on the 1600 block of Hanover Street. Police say a man, believed to be Snorsky, pulled off a window screen and opened an unlocked window at about 12:15 a.m. He grabbed the girl out of her bedroom. He then dragged her into an alley and apparently attempted to put her into his car.

The girl’s screaming woke her father and he ran into the alley behind the home where she was running back towards him. The girl was taken to the hospital, treated for minor injuries and released.

“Now I feel a little bit better that my little brother can be out here playing and we don’t have to worry about creepy guys snatching little girls out of windows,” neighbor Nick Hadley said.

Hadley was one of the 200 callers who gave tips to Aurora police to help catch Snorsky.

“It’s a good thing he’s stupid and got caught for something unrelated and was already caught,” Hadley said.

Police had arrested Snorsky Tuesday morning for false reporting to a pawn broker. Investigators say his Mercedes was impounded to search for evidence. By Friday night police knew they had their suspect in the kidnapping case thanks in part to the little girl.

“The description was very good. She’s a brave young lady. She kept her wits about her,” said Rob McGregor, Investigative Division Chief. “It’s kind of a message for all parents just to make noises if there’s a disturbance going on.”

Police in Aurora believed they had enough evidence to charge Snorsky with the kidnapping on Friday.

Police are working with federal partners to see if Snorsky has traveled outside the Denver metro area.

Hadley wanted to show the family his support.

“We wanted to go ahead and buy the little girl a Brave princess toy because she’s been through a lot and it fits. She’s been such a brave little girl,” he said.

Police are asking anyone who has had contact with Snorsky to please come forward.

Police said they were grateful to the community for the more than 200 tips that came in during the week.


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