LOVELAND, Colo. (CBS4) – Colorado farmers affected by devastating floods in September are facing a long road to recovery.

In the wake of the floods and the government shutdown some farmers throughout Colorado were left with no federal funding. The Northern Colorado Farm Flood Relief Coalition held a meeting in Loveland on Thursday to help fundraising and recovery efforts.

The coalition includes state representatives, nonprofits and business members who support Colorado agriculture. The meeting was a chance for farmers and ranchers to learn what relief is available and how to apply for funding.

“Obviously it’s a whole learning experience for everyone involved here because we haven’t had to deal with anything like this in our lifetime,” Berthoud farmer Larry Lempka said.

The coalition is still tallying relief funds available to farmers and ranchers but it could be in the millions of dollars. They’re hopeful they’ll rebound for the 2014 spring season.

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