LAKEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4) – There was a spooky sight near Bear Creek High School and some elementary schools on Wednesday morning.

Count Dracula was out in broad daylight strolling along the crosswalks because today’s drivers, with all their distractions, don’t always give pedestrians the right of way. Lakewood police called it “Operation Transylvania.” The idea is to prevent accidents when children trick-or-treat on Thursday.

“They need to pay attention to kids during Halloween, because if they aren’t going to pay attention to our 6-foot-4 Dracula, they’re not going to pay attention to a 4-foot Dracula,” Sgt. Dave Hoover with Lakewood police said.

Hoover said they had five violations in 30 minutes Wednesday morning. Violators drove off with a warning and a brief lecture about pedestrians and the law.


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