(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

BRIGHTON, Colo. (CBS4) – A lot of families in Brighton woke up Tuesday to find slashed tires and windows broken on their vehicles.

The vehicles that were damaged were parked at the Riverwalk apartment complex on the 700 block of Mockingbird Street. Three vehicles had windows broken out and 24 had slashed tires, which included four motorcycles.

“It makes the people around here more scared to live here, or they want to get revenge,” resident Terald Haney said.

Some people in the area apparently heard loud noises in the night.

“The people work for what they have, need cars to go to work or have children, so there is no need for any of this, and the community needs to look out for this,” neighbor Norma Vigil said.

Resident Gy Puma said it was a really bad time for him to be a victim of the vandalism.

“I’m a liver cancer patient and I have to be in Houston Monday at MD Anderson, so we are strapped on money as it is, and time, and now this is throwing a big wrench into it,” Puma said.

Brighton police are investigating the crimes.

Some residents said this is not the first time cars have been vandalized in the area, but they said they have never seen such a large amount of slashed tires all at once there.

Police said they are hoping anyone with helpful information about the case will call them with tips.


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