(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

DENVER (CBS4) – A new app is taking technology in to the bedroom. The Spreadsheets app created by two Colorado based co-founders rates and tracks a couple’s “performance” while they are in bed.

The app asks the user to put the phone on the bed. It measures noise and movement, then rates the session. Tyler Elick, one of the co-founders, says the app is meant to be a fun way for couples to talk about sex.

“Our app is one of the very few that you use with someone else in the room,” Elick says.

Some may believe putting a phone in such an intimate setting might be taking technology too far, but Dr. Kevin Everhart, a psychology professor from the University of Colorado Denver says while it sounds strange, people are constantly looking for ways to learn more about themselves especially in a world driven by data and instant feedback.

“With any technology there is just going to be full exploration, people are going to apply it to everything,” Everhart said.

“I think it’s taking the context of what’s happening and leveraging technology to improve our lives instead,” Elick said.

The app doesn’t record or playback any audio or video. The data collected is only stored on the user’s phone and is never backed up to or shared to the Internet.

The app can be found on the Apple iTunes store. It currently sells for $2.99 a download.

The co-founders say it has been downloaded in more than 70 countries since August.

LINK: spreadsheetsapp.com

– Written by Valerie Castro for CBSDenver.com


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