Nicolaus Demetrian

Nicolaus Demetrian (credit: CBS)

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4) – Federal agents tracked down a Denver native and arrested him in Iowa after allegations surfaced that he threatened to kill three teachers at his former school in Steamboat Springs.

Nicolaus Demetrian, 27, left Lowell Whiteman School eight years ago. It is a small boarding school outside of Steamboat Springs.

Last week Demetrian is suspected of making a very threat to the school. He allegedly said in an email if the school was not closed, he would show up and burn the building down and then shoot anyone trying to escape.

He named three specific people he wanted to kill who are either still employed or worked at the school when he was a student, according to court documents.

Then he allegedly signed the email “The devil in the living flesh.”

School officials were actually a day late in checking the inbox the email came to. Luckily, it was just a threat and never acted upon.

The school was closed for three days and the boarding students and faculty that live on campus were evacuated.

Investigators with the Routt Count Sheriff’s office teamed up with the FBI and arrested Demetrian 53 hours after receiving the threat by tracing his cellphone to Iowa. He was arrested on Friday.

Investigators contacted a former classmate and friend because Demetrian had allegedly emailed him asking to borrow his AR-15 rifle. The friend said things changed for Demetrian after a semester in Italy, that he came back reclusive and anti-social.

Demetrian now faces one federal felony charge of threat through interstate commerce and is expected to be back in Colorado by next week.

Officials with the sheriff’s deparment would not comment on the case on Monday. School officials also declined to comment when contacted by CBS4.

Demetrian is a graduate of the University of Denver and court documents indicate he lives near the campus with his mother.


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