AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – Thousands of protestors gathered outside veteran memorials across Washington, D.C. They removed barriers and entered monuments such as the Lincoln Memorial and the World War II Memorial that are closed because of the government shutdown.

The protest was part of Sunday’s Million Vet March and it reached all the way to Colorado as demonstrators took a stand at the Colorado Freedom Memorial in Aurora.

“These veterans mean a lot to us and they’re the reason we are able to stand here today,” organizer Cory Carpenter told the crowd.

The protesters took aim at Capitol Hill’s treatment of veterans. Organizers read the same speech at each event highlighting the reasons for the Million Vet March on the memorials.

“We all have opinions, but we need to drop them and get to the business of fixing what is wrong with our government,” Carpenter said.

Even though no veteran memorials were closed in Colorado, organizers said they stand with those that were in the nation’s capital.

“We are here to make sure that the veterans know that we support them, that we are here for them,” Carpenter said.

The movement is quick to point out they’re not playing the blame game with the government shutdown. From Democrats to Republicans, they say all should honor those who paid the ultimate price.

“We are here for the fallen soldiers and that’s kind of our stance,” Jen Crandall with the Colorado Freedom Memorial Foundation said.

“We didn’t want to include politics in it because we are not a political group,” Carpenter said.


They say the way veterans are being treated as a result of the shutdown and looming budget crisis is unacceptable.

“We wanted to honor the veterans, honor the fallen, and make sure that no one ever tries to take the memorials away from our veterans, Carpenter said.

Among the thousands of protestors in Washington were conservative figures such as Sarah Palin and Sen. Ted Cruz.


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