Editor’s Note: The below story reports that the charge for possessing a gun as a previous offender had been dropped. That’s partially true. The possession charge had been filed twice so one of the charges was dropped. Roberts still faces one charge of possessing a gun as a previous offender.

DENVER (CBS4) – An anti-gang activist accused of shooting a man during a peace rally in North Park Hill last month appeared in court Monday afternoon and had a charge against him dropped.

Terrance Roberts, 37, is still charged with attempted murder. It’s become a very high-profile case and there was a lot of security that included nine police officers in the courtroom when Roberts appeared for his second advisement.

The former gang member turned longtime community activist with the Prodigal Son Initiative has kept a low profile since his arrest for attempted murder. The shooting happened on a basketball court at the Prodigal Son Initiative headquarters in late September.

Family members of the victim, Hassan Jones, showed up in court for Monday’s hearing.

“My nephew, being in a gang, and him helping my nephew, they both were gang members. So at this point, does it matter?” said LaQuana Alexandra, Jones’ aunt. “He was a victim and he was shot down in front of several people.

The arrest affidavit says Roberts was overheard saying the victim pulled a knife on him and that he had to shoot him and that he felt threatened. But Jones’ family says there are witnesses who have told them it was Roberts who threw a knife down before the shooting.

Roberts was also under investigation for possessing a gun as previous offender, a felon, but the judge says that charge is not being filed by the district attorney’s office.

Jones’ uncle, Jaublania Abdala, believes Roberts is being let off easy, especially since he’s out on bond.

“A felon allowed with a gun and shoot at least seven times or so in an area, I just feel that’s unjust,” Abdala said.

Roberts will be back in court for a preliminary hearing Oct. 31.

Jones’s family says he is recovering in the hospital but is able to text and talk.

Roberts shared comments with CBS4 Investigator Brian Maass on Sunday. In reference to gang members he said his “only crime to them … was finding them jobs and being a voice for saying, ‘Let’s not continue the gang culture.’ ”

“My supporters need to know that leading up to this event, even after the threats and altercations, I was on the peace courts that Prodigal Son owned setting up for a peace rally,” he wrote.

That’s when he says Jones accosted him.


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