PARKER, Colo. (CBS4) – A man from Aurora went for a run and most surely would have died along the way were it not for a quick-thinking stranger.

Jeff Eshbaugh thanked Larry Black on Thursday at Parker Adventist Hospital for saving his life.

A day after turning 48, the very fit Eshbaugh was jogging when he suffered a massive heart attack.

Black was on his way to work and saw Eshbaugh on the ground.

“Being a Christian it felt natural to do something to help,” he said. “So I didn’t think about it long enough to get scared or unsure or anything.”

Black had just taken a CPR class the day before and knew he had to jump in.

He said he doesn’t usually drive that way to work but decided by chance to go on that route. He’s glad he did, and glad he was able to rely on his training.

“I think everybody should know (CPR). Hopefully you won’t ever have to use it but if you need to you’ll be confident that you can,” Black said.


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