pizza 2

Several months ago I noticed I was searching for something.

Something my life was missing.

Problem was, I wasn’t sure what was missing other than a desire to do more.

To make my career, my news sharing, mean a little more.

I wanted to reach people on a more personal level and I found I was looking around me – at others – to make that happen.

I kept getting disappointed.

Not because people disappoint, but because what I was searching for something that needed to come from within “me.”

I asked for some guidance and it came… wave right after the other.

First, it came from a message shared in church.

Next, it came from two highly regarded women in the communications business.

In all three instances I was asked what could “I” do to fulfill my desire to be more positive?

What could “I” do to show that our newscasts are not just about crimes and destruction, but beautiful actions as well?

I decided to start looking for the good things that were happening, instead of focusing on the bad.

I have started posting on my Facebook page and my Twitter feed – “good news” that’s taking place around us.

News about our neighbors that will hopefully brighten your day – open your heart – and give you faith in your community!

I have discovered some amazing acts of kindness everywhere!

I do need your help.

I would love to hear from you on the uplifting things going on in your neighborhood, by your kids, your school or your athletic team.

Whatever you see that inspires you – share it with me!

Email me at

Send me a tweet – @kleightv #showmegood

So today, the good news, is this place – Cafe 180.

photo 4

I spent some time there today volunteering in the kitchen.

photo 3

pizza three

This cafe asks you to pay what you can.

And if you have no change in your pocket, you can wash dishes or clean tables to earn your meal.

What a wonderful idea; a great gift to our community.

While I was there making pizza’s…the crowd was large and the food delicious.

Just a little “good news” to send you into your weekend!


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