DENVER (CBS4) – The federal government shutdown that went into effect Monday night will directly impact thousands of Coloradoans. One of those feeling the pressure is Lisa Buckley, the CEO of a Denver security management firm.

Buckley doesn’t mince words when it comes to the government shutdown.

American Automation CEO Lisa Buckley talks with CBS4's Tom Mustin. (credit: CBS)

American Automation CEO Lisa Buckley talks with CBS4’s Tom Mustin. (credit: CBS)

“Enough is enough, there has to be a better way,” she said. “When we put these people in leadership positions — no matter what party — and they are being as irresponsible as they are now, that’s unacceptable to me.”

Buckley and her husband have run American Automation out of their office building for 13 years. They have 45 employees. Contracts with the Army, Air Force and Department of Homeland Security are the bulk of their business.

American Automation (credit: CBS)

American Automation (credit: CBS)

She says the government shutdown is already causing problems.

“One of my clients that’s in North Carolina, we have a meeting next Monday with him to launch a new project and we have a meeting tomorrow morning and he said ‘I may not be here,’ ” she said.

Buckley has thousands of dollars worth of invoices the government has yet to pay. It’s money she counts on to pay for her employees and expenses. She says if the shutdown lasts, her bills could be delayed and her business could be in trouble

“Certainly we may have to lay off some people,” she said.

Buckley says small businesses like hers are paying the price for the political posturing in Washington.

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“Particularly here in Colorado where we have such a large presence of defense and aerospace. We’re the second largest in the country and it’s a significant impacy to our economy.”

If the gridlock in Washington continues for weeks instead of days, Buckley says her business could be in real trouble.

“This didn’t have to happen. This is self inflicted,” she said.



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