AURORA, Colo. (CBS4)– The search continues for a former martial arts instructor who is also a convicted felon.

Raul Gutierrez-Hernandez is a fugitive after failing to show up in Arapahoe County court on Tuesday to hear the jury’s guilty verdict for sexually assaulting three young girls.

Every police agency in the state is looking for him.

Gutierrez-Hernandez was found guilty on Tuesday of a dozen sexual abuse charges. He was free on bond and failed to appear in court for the trial.

He is a former Tae Kwon Do instructor who apparently left in the middle of the night.

Sources told CBS4 that police made contact with his wife since he’s been on the run. She apparently told police her husband left in the middle of the night from their Aurora home.

Gutierrez-Hernandez is also a father of three.

He was initially charged in 2011. He ran a studio in Aurora where he taught girls self defense.

The assaults began in 2008 and were committed at his studio and on trips to tournaments around the state. Since his arrest his practice has been shut down.

“Parents trusted him and this is “Master Raul” that’s what he liked to be called, they trusted him to train their girls in self defense and discipline and obedience and used that position of trust to victimize them,” said Arapahoe County District Attorney George Brauchler.

Prosecutors said when he is captured the escape will be added onto his prison sentence.


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