Written by Dr. Dave Hnida, CBS4 Medical EditorA report In the Journal of the American Medical Association Dermatology says “it’s rarely too early.”

Excuse me?

Let me gather my thoughts here.

About 5 million Americans got Botox injections last year — about a third were in their 20s… and even some in their teens.

Now a respected medical journal publishes a commentary saying , in essence, heck yeah — get those injections — It’ll help you look young, and will keep you looking young. It’s a good thing to do.

This btw, from folks who make a few bucks administering these shots. I’m sure has no influence on their medical advice to America (sorry, call me a little skeptic.)

In fairness, the line of thinking is that we get wrinkles and furrows and crows feet by using the muscles of our face to laugh, smile, frown, and grimace. So … if you can paralyze these muscles at an early age and then keep on going, the skin above will never develop a permanent crease or 10. So … you will always look young.

Also in fairness, Botox, so far, seems safe,

But, the long term effects of being jabbed every few months for decades are yet to be known. Remember, Botox is botulism toxin. And what’s the deal with dead muscles forever?

The money. About $3,000 a year for shots every few months. But certainly, you can spend your money as you wish. Even to run the risk of looking like a mannequin or Popeye if the injection goes awry.

The message. Frankly, I don’t lose sleep over who gets injected. But the message increasing infiltrating our culture, especially our younger culture, is beauty is EVERYTHING. Can we get a little more superficial here?

Docs can do as they wish. Patients with disposable income can do as they wish.

But medical journals … well, they are supposed to guide us through the rough waters of healthcare. They failed on this one.

Remember, wrinkles are not a disease.


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