DENVER (CBS4)– For the second week in a row some schools in the Denver Public Schools district have closed early because of heat.

According to DPS, schools without air conditioning have the option to call an early release day following a prolonged forecast of extreme heat conditions.

Friday’s temperatures in Denver set a new record at 96 degrees. The previous record for heat was 95 degrees set in 1959.

The heat is just too much for some students and teachers stuck in a classroom with no air conditioning.

“It’s too hot for them to be in there and teachers, too. It’s too hot,” said parent Amanda Martinez.

Firefighters in Denver said two teachers at Newlon Elementary School showed signs of heat exhaustion on Thursday. Both said they were dizzy and had flushed skin.

One was taken to the hospital and the other was treated at the school.

Most parents are thankful their children don’t have to struggle through the day.

“It’s hard for them to get their education and to concentrate and stay focused,” said another parent.

Others worry that too many days cut short because of heat will only end up hurting students more.

“What is this doing for their education?” asked parent Lorena Rodriguez.

Although the DPS Facilities Department has exercised every available option to keep conditions at schools without air conditioning as cool and comfortable as possible.

The schools on early release for Friday are Asbury Elementary, Beach Court Elementary, Garden Place Academy, Newlon, Steck Elementary and Steele Elementary.


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