DENVER (CBS4) – When the head coach starts moving back and forth when answering a question in front of reporters, you know he’s hiding something.

Coach John Fox showed some of that telling body language on Monday at Broncos headquarters when asked about Von Miller’s possible suspension. That’s according to Ed McCaffrey, the former Broncos star receiver and current color analyst for the Broncos radio broadcasts.

“I love Coach Fox, you see when he talks — I’ve noticed this — the more he moves back and forth the more concerned he is about the topic that’s being talked about,” McCaffrey told CBS4’s Vic Lombardi on Xfinity Monday Live.

Fox’s comments on the likelihood of losing Miller for as much as six games were as follows:

Well there’s really no latest. We are aware of reports and sometimes it’s erroneous because I think we’d probably find out before other people. … We haven’t been aware of really any of it to be honest with you. We don’t know the suspension. There is no suspension and at which time there is we’ll report that, but anything else right now is really just talking heads.

But McCaffrey says there’s a sweating head coach behind those words, one who is very afraid of losing his defensive stud for some key early regular season games.

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“He’s very concerned,” McCaffrey said.

As a result of the unsure situation, McCaffrey says he sees Miller getting a lot of playing time in the final two Broncos preseason games.

“I’d play him as much as I could in the next two weeks because if he’s sitting out six weeks you want it to take as little time as possible to get him back to full speed,” he said.

McCaffrey said that despite some of the trouble that has emerged with Miller he expects that the Broncos will win their division this year and go on to the playoffs. He said he is somewhat concerned by some of the injuries to some key players, though.

“Losing Champ Bailey (ankle) affects the entire defense if he’s not able to play,” McCaffrey said. “Losing Derek Wolfe is a big blow to the defense.”

Lombardi said that when he saw Wolfe injured and on the ground with a neck injury during Saturday’s preseason game in Seattle, it reminded him of McCaffrey’s most serious injury when he was a member of the Broncos. McCaffrey went down with a serious leg fracture during a Monday Night Football game against the Giants in September 2001.

“I felt awful for (Wolfe),” said McCaffrey, who was announcing the game on Saturday. “I’ve been in that stretcher and it’s an awful place to be. And it reminds you of how fleeting an NFL career can be.

“Thank goodness we were thinking about him and praying for him and he’s okay. But had he broken a bone in his neck and had a more serious injury it could have been a career. Not just missing a game or a season.”

“It could have affected the rest of his life. It’s a dangerous violent sport, and these things can happen and when you see a guy down on the ground like that you just hope and pray that he’s able to walk away from it.”

Lombardi agreed that he thinks the best news to emerge from Saturday’s 40-10 loss to the Seahawks is that Wolfe is going to be okay.

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Watch more of the video with Ed McCaffrey in the Xfinity Monday Live section.


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