Juan Carlos Hernandez-Lupercio (credit: Lakewood Police Department)

Juan Carlos Hernandez-Lupercio (credit: Lakewood Police Department)

LAKEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4) – A man accused in a hit-and-run that killed a motorcyclist in Lakewood may have been drinking before the crash.

The crash happened Friday night near Sheridan Boulevard and West Center Avenue. In the arrest affidavit, a friend of suspect Juan Carlos Hernandez-Lupercio, 47, told police before the accident they believe Hernandez-Lupercio “drank a couple of beers” and then left. They then heard a loud bang and noticed the suspect’s truck was gone.

Dana Schaeffer (credit: The Schaeffer family)

Dana Schaeffer (credit: The Schaeffer family)

The widow of 47-year-old Dana Schaeffer told CBS4 she’s thankful police were able to make an arrest so soon, but it won’t bring her husband of 28 years back.

Schaeffer’s wife took a photo of him just hours before he was killed. He’d been remodeling a bathroom in their home. The father of three left to drop off a family member who was helping with the remodel at home.

“He’s kind of the foundation of the family, so kind of always expected him to be around,” Schaeffer’s daughter-in-law Beth Schaeffer said. “It was a shock; definitely not something we expected.”

In the arrest affidavit, Hernandez-Lupercio admitted to police that he saw the motorcycle and was hit by it. He told police got scared and left. He then parked his truck, called for a ride, and continued to drink until he passed out.

Police eventually found Hernandez-Lupercio at his girlfriend’s home where he was sleeping, and when she tried to wake him said he said he was sorry and that it was an accident and he got scared.

Hernandez-Lupercio’s bond is set at $15,000. He’ll be back in court Aug. 23 for the formal filing of charges.


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