AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – Police in Adams County are searching for weapons and a bullet resistant vest stolen from unmarked sheriff’s department vehicles.

The crimes took place late Wednesday night or early Thursday morning outside the homes of two Adams County sheriff’s deputies.

Someone smashed a car window and took three guns from one car on East Alamo Place in Southeast Aurora.

Two of the weapons were rifles — a Colt M-4/Commando and a Colt AR-15, both .223 Caliber — and the other was a 40 caliber Glock 22C handgun.

The thieves also took a Level IIA bullet resistant vest on nearby South Catawaba Way from another deputy’s car.

No one in the neighborhood heard or saw the crimes take place.

“If that (vest) had any kind of police markings, now you’re talking about a possible police impersonator (situation). It just raises everything to the next level,” Aurora police spokesman Officer Frank Fania said.

Police are canvassing the neighborhood and checking the cars for fingerprints.

“Certainly one gun in the wrong hands is too many. Throw in two additional rifles (and it’s a bigger problem),” Fania said. “We’re focusing on who did it and focused on getting those guns back into the right hands.”

Most police departments don’t have rules for their officers about leaving their weapons unattended. They often recommend that the weapon be locked up or locked in a vehicle’s trunk.

Gavin Mulligan, a neighbor, said he was disturbed upon hearing about the thefts.

“It’s all money that we’re paying out of our taxes that we want to go towards helping police officers and making sure that they’re safe,” Mulligan said. “So it’s kind of despicable that people are breaking into these cars and stealing stuff like that. I hope they get them back soon.”


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