AURORA, Colo. (CBS4) – Some very unhappy people are sorting through soggy belongings and ruined furniture after they trusted their possessions to the PODS storage units.

The customers claim the company didn’t honor its promise to keep their belongings dry. They assumed their PODS would be inside a garage or warehouse, but that wasn’t the case.

“It’s supposed to be stored at a dry, climate-controlled warehouse, not in a parking lot,” customer Whitney Chapman said.

The PODS at the company’s Aurora location are clearly outside exposed to the elements. The company’s website promises weather-resistant, safe storage. In fact there is even a video on the website showing the PODS inside a warehouse.

“We just sold our house and pretty much anything, our furniture, our bedroom set, our refrigerator, all of our boxes with electronics,” Chapman said.

Chapman said most everything her family has is in storage in the PODS — tens of thousands of dollars of goods. But a rainstorm earlier this month drenched the PODS that were left outside.

“When we opened the POD there was like a smell coming from there. There was actually some towels and stuff in front of it and they were soaked, so we knew water had gotten into it,” Chapman said.

She says the company has been unresponsive to their numerous and repeated calls for help.

“We haven’t heard anything from local or corporate PODS.”

After repeated calls CBS4 finally heard back from the company Friday afternoon.

“Fifty-two containers were exposed to the sudden rain storm and ensuing flooding,” the company said in a statement. “This was an incredibly unfortunate situation that we’re working to resolve for all parties.”

The Chapmans hope that resolution happens sooner rather than later.


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