DENVER (CBS4) – What would it feel like for an author to hand over their work to another writer? That’s what happened to Dave Berry and Ridley Pearson. CBS4 Critic at Large talked to Pearson about the changes brought in his brain child to take it from page to stage.

It’s got to be high anxiety, but it’s also a big fat check. And who doesn’t like a big fat check?

Pearson is a great author on his own. Together the unlikely pair wrote the “Peter and the Starcatcher” series of books, prequels to “Peter Pan,” and Disney wrote them that big fat check and they had to entrust their baby to somebody else.

The show “Peter and the Starcatcher” began as a book. When you write a book, it’s your baby. So how did Pearson feel about handing it off to somebody else?

“What you learn as a writer is, it’s like when you sell a house. If you sell a house you can’t come back two months later and say, ‘I really think you should keep the living room yellow.’ When you sell a book, you sell a book,” Pearson said.

To top that he handed it off to noted playwright Rick Elice, who bent and twisted and turned the story into a show no longer quite like their book.

“You hope you get a good, smart person behind your book,” Pearson said. “Rick was incredibly faithful to the concept.”

Pearson, known for his mysteries, discussed the work page-to-stage at the Tattered Cover with Ellis.

“Rick changed the heck out of our story, but in ways that Dave nudged me in one of the early meetings and said, ‘Where was Rick when we were writing our outline,’ “ Pearson said.

Together they create a world of imagination where laughter, heart and play prevail.

“Peter and the Starcatcher” opened Thursday at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House. There is a “Moody” deal on select shows with $15 off tickets in Price Level 2. Use the promo code “Moody” online, on the phone or in person. It’s recommended for kids over 10 because it is an adult take on the tale.

LINK: Peter and the Starcatcher

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