AURORA, Colo. (CBS4)– A popular swim beach has been closed at the Aurora Reservoir because of E.coli contamination levels. Officials hope to reopen the beach to swimmers by Friday.

Swim beach was closed Wednesday afternoon after test results showed E.coli levels in the water.

Aurora Parks Recreation and Open Space conducts routine testing on the water. When E.coli levels were detected the beach was closed to swimmers.

The reservoir is an untreated, natural body of water so it’s not unusual for bacteria levels to fluctuate.

The reservoir is also used for drinking water which is not affected.

“The reservoir is a drinking water storage facility. However there is no problem with the water because of the city’s chlorination system,” said Aurora Park Recreation and Open Space spokeswoman Jenna Kastaros.

The E.coli is likely related to recent heavy rains and hot weather. The problem should cure itself naturally.

Until test results show the E.coli has gone the swimming area will be closed.

Officials hope to have it reopened by Friday morning.


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