DENVER (CBS4)– A little girl is recovering after she fell 30 feet from an apartment window to the ground below.

Police in Denver said Yannitza, 2, was playing inside an apartment at Osito Ridge Apartments, located in the 5800 block of West Hampden, with other children when she fell out the window about 9 p.m. Thursday.

“I think she was looking outside and I don’t know if she pushed the screen out of there and fell down,” said Yannitza’s mother Elma DeLeon.

Yannitza was in a next door neighbor’s apartment while her mother was working.

DeLeon said from what she has learned, she believes Yannitza was alone in the neighbor’s bedroom when she took the tumble out the window. What helped break her fall was a tree.

The toddler got a pretty nasty bruise around her left eye after hitting that tree but there was no damage to her eye or eyesight.

She did suffer two broken bones in her shoulder which are expected to heal.

Yannitza has had her fill of emergency rooms. She recently broke her arm trying to climb onto a garbage can.

The doctors at Denver Health Medical Center said that window screens are designed to keep bugs out and not to keep children inside.

They suggest moving furniture away from windows to keep kids from getting too close.

Yannitza hopes to go home from the hospital sometime on Saturday.


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