BOULDER, Colo. (CBS4)– A new sports training program is helping not only athletes but also those recovering from injuries and those struggling to lose weight.

The device is called “Alter G” and it is being used at the Gait Biomechanics Lab at the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine.

On a recent visit for a demonstration, runner Benita zipped into a machine that is designed to make her feel lighter.

“By doing that she increases air pressure inside the bubble which reduces Benita’s body weight,” said one Boulder Center for Sports Medicine physical therapist.

Less body weight means less pressure on your joints and for those struggling with an injury, less impact to the area.

“You’re hardly even touching the ground. I feel like I weigh half my body weight,”said Benita.

Benita is an elite runner who is currently training for the World Championships in Russia. She said the machine makes her feel as if she’s running in the clouds but she’s still getting a good workout.

“As I get older I’m more inclined to get hurt. It helps you train,” said Benita.

For obese people trying to begin an exercise program the Alter G allows them to begin without added strain on their joints.

“It reduces their body weight so they can exercise longer and reduce more weight,” said the physical therapist.

The high-tech machine is open to the public.



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