LAKEWOOD Colo. (CBS4) – Gerard Julien was out for a jog Saturday night in an attempt to stay in shape for his upcoming high school football season, a run that would end up being his last.

Police say the teen was struck by a car at approximately 9:55 p.m. near the intersection of South Kipling Parkway and West Asbury Avenue and was later pronounced dead.

Julien, 15, who went by the nickname Gerry, was home in Lakewood visiting his father and stepmom for the summer. The teen spent his last days like he spent many of his days — trying to make a difference.

Julien went out of his way to serve others, often serving food at soup kitchens in downtown Denver.

“He prepared sandwiches gathered them and put them in bags,” said Mary Ann Fairbank, the director of religious education at Christ on the Mountain Catholic Church. “Gerry was very focused on doing a good job, he was very polite very motivated.”

Julien attended boarding school in Texas and had his sights set on becoming a Navy seal. He was a dedicated worker.

“He worked very hard, didn’t mind being out in the sun, didn’t mind taking out the trash,” said Fairbank. “Very willing to help those less fortunate.”

Several younger members of the church have made cards for Julien’s family in wake of the loss. Julien’s untimely death is difficult for some church members to grasp, especially after the teen had done so much good.

“It’s so difficult, I think for young people to suffer loss like this,” said Fairbank. “We pray and we give thanks for Gerry and his life and the opportunities we had to get to know him.”

The teen’s death is currently being investigated by the Colorado State Patrol. State Troopers say they have located a Chrysler PT Cruiser believed to be involved in the hit and run that left Julien dead after a tip was called in by a family member of the driver.

Authorities suspect that two cars may have been street racing and are still attempting to locate the second car. Witnesses reported seeing a black sedan along with the PT Cruiser racing in the area. Witnessess also say that neither vehicle reportedly stopped after Julien was hit.

No charges have currently been filed in case. The Colorado State Patrol is still asking anyone with information about the accident to contact them at 303-239-4501.

– Written by Josh Christensen for


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