(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

WELLINGTON, Colo. (CBS4)– Nine farm workers were struck by lightning in Wellington on Thursday afternoon after a fast-moving summer storm drenched the farming community which barely had time to react.

“Flash, bang! Pretty much no time in between the thunder,” said neighbor Christian Flitecroft.

“Suddenly it started to rain and they got under the truck and all that and the lightning just struck them and they say that they got all knocked out,” said Lupito Jaquez, who works nearby.

Wellington Fire Chief Gary Green said the workers were working in a field near the Grant Farms area. When emergency crews arrived they found some of those struck walking around but others had more serious symptoms.

“The charge itself, after it struck the ground, impacted all of them,” said Green. “Altered mental status, numbness, tingling in the extremities, arms and legs, unable to communicate.”

At least two of the workers were rushed to the hospital in critical condition. Four workers were in serious condition.

Emergency crews had to work quickly as flashes of lightning continued overhead. Many of the victims were loaded up on gurneys and rushed to nearby hospitals including Medical Center of the Rockies and Poudre Valley Hospital in ambulances. Others were checked out on scene.

“It’s pretty bad. I don’t wish it for anybody right now,” said Jaquez.

Grant Farms is located at 12155 NCR 15 in Wellington. A tweet by Grant Family Farms states that the workers were not employed by that farm.


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