LAKEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4)– Thanks to recent rainstorms in the Denver metro area another city and more parks are lifting their fire restrictions.

The City of Lakewood lifted the citywide fire restrictions at 8 a.m. Wednesday.

A park fire ban for Bear Creek Lake Park and Thunder Valley Motorcross Park was removed earlier this month.

Lifting the fire restrictions allows residents to smoke outside and in recreation sites without clearing an area of combustible material to stand in while smoking.

It also allows residents to have recreational fires as long as they are only three feet in diameter and two feet in height or smaller.

At the two parks visitors are allowed to use permanent campfire rings and charcoal grates for fires but no personal charcoal grills are allowed.

City law makes all fireworks illegal in Lakewood, and that remains in place at all times. Call 303-987-7111 to report illegal fireworks.

Keep in mind the following activities are always prohibited even when fire restrictions or a fire ban are not in place:

  • Burning in a careless manner, leaving a fire unattended or failing to extinguish any fire.
  • Burning trash or debris.
  • Using any fireworks including sparklers, Roman candles, sky lanterns or any other device containing an explosive substance.
  • Open burning without a permit and failing to take adequate measures to prevent uncontrolled fires.
  • For more details, visit

Fire restrictions were also terminated at the Pike and San Isabel National Forests and Royal Gorge BLM Lands on Wednesday.

Park officials warn visitors that even without fire restrictions visitors should be aware of weather conditions and be careful with the use of fire outdoors.

Fire Safety Messages:

•             Make sure that you can have a campfire and obey all fire restrictions.

•             Keep a bucket of water and a shovel near the campfire.

•             When putting a campfire out, drown it with water, stir the fire with dirt and more water until all the fuel is cold to the touch. Never leave a fire until it is out cold.

•             If you do not have water, use dirt. Mix enough dirt or sand with the embers. Continue adding and stirring until all material is cool.

•             DO NOT bury the fire as the fire will continue to smolder and could catch roots on fire that will eventually get to the surface and start a wildfire.
Fire restrictions will be lifted on the Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests at midnight Thursday.

Recent moisture levels have changed fire conditions enough to lift the restrictions on the national forest. Visitors are reminded that conditions can change quickly so it is important to continue to be careful and diligent with every fire and ensure campfires are completely extinguished and cold to the touch.

Visitors are also encouraged to check for the status of local county fire restrictions that may still be in place and affect campfires, shooting, and other activities on National Forests System lands.

Recreational shooters are reminded that local closures and target restrictions are still in place. For more information about recreational shooting on the Arapaho and Roosevelt National Forests and Pawnee National Grassland visit:


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