ARVADA, Colo. (CBS4) – Police in Arvada kept track of a black bear all day Tuesday after it was spotted in a neighborhood. Officers warned people to stay away from the bear. There were more bear sightings on Wednesday morning.

The bear was spotted by some trees near 66th and Union on Tuesday morning.

The 300-pound bear was also spotted strolling through a neighborhood near 66th and Simms.

Kristy and Cody Mullins received a reverse 911 call which warned people to keep children and small pets inside.

“My 4-year-old daughter was outside in the backyard playing by herself yesterday evening and there was a bear in the neighborhood,” said Kristy Mullins.

Animal management officers said the bear is believed to be a 1-year-old male who wandered down from the mountains and simply lost his way. They said he probably posed little threat to humans.

“Bears don’t like to be around people. They’re actually very, very scared of people. They’re not going to attack unless they’re provoked or have cubs. He just wants to be left alone and needs to find his way back to the woods,” said Animal Management Officer Kara Pardikes.

There were several more sightings of the bear near 72nd and Wadsworth on Wednesday morning. Animal Management said they continue to work with the Colorado Department of Parks and Wildlife on the situation.


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