WHEAT RIDGE, Colo. (CBS4) – Wheat Ridge police have confirmed to CBS4 that they have arrested the former roommate of Leann “Annie” Meyer in connection with her death.

Melissa Miller, 54, of Lakewood, was taken into custody Monday afternoon.

Meyer’s body was found in Park County on July 4 and the remains were identified on last Monday.

Miller hired a lawyer soon after Meyer’s disappearance and has refused to help in the investigation. Friends of Meyer’s confronted her April 6 and secretly caught the exchange on cellphone video.

“You guys are freaking ripping me apart, and I did nothing. I loved Annie more than any of you,” Miller is heard saying in the video.

Miller had claimed she’s cooperating with police.

“The next day I tried to kill myself, I don’t want to live without Annie. And I was in the hospital and the police were there that night,” Miller said “The next day in the paper it says I’m dodging the police. I’m like, ‘I have their cards, they were here last night talking with me.’ ”

Miller is the last known person to have seen Meyer.

“We’ve been investigating this for five months, we’ve certainly developed leads and obviously we’re very interested in Melissa Miller,” said Wheat Ridge Investigations Commander Dave Pickett last week. “She’s invoked her Fifth Amendment rights, which are absolute. And so our ability to speak with her is nonexistent.”

Miller is currently being held without bond at the Park County Detention Facility.


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