DENVER (CBS4) – Neighbors tired of crime in their area set up surveillance cameras to catch any troublemakers in the act, and it worked over the weekend. Now the neighbors and police need help identifying those seen in the video.

University Park neighbors say over the weekend several homes were tagged with spray paint. They say there was also a garage burglary and another possible attempted burglary. Police are not sure if the crimes are connected.

The residents say they feel like they have been targeted with different types of crimes over the summer — so much so they have taken matters in their own hands. Video was taken by a homeowner who set up surveillance cameras off Fillmore Street. The video shows suspects attempting to get in a locked alley gate and tamper with security lights.

Further north several homes were tagged with spray paint and cars vandalized. The neighbors want to know if anyone can recognize the people in the video. Denver police have applauded the efforts of the residents, saying they are being vigilant and they welcome the efforts.

“It seems like they are a neighborhood that is looking out for each other, which is what we want, to work with us in concert because there are 600,000 people in the city that are additional eyes and ears for us,” Sonny Jackson with Denver police said. “That helps us a lot when they really care about each other, and that helps us do our job. When you have something going on in your neighbor’s yard and can say, ‘Hey, you don’t belong there.’ “

Police warn people who set up video cameras to not approach a suspect if they see a crime in progress. They say call 911 and let the police do that.

Denver police say the detectives are now viewing the videotape to see if there is any kind of a link or spree that is going on in the area.


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