CBS4 and the Denver Business Journal are teaming up to profile companies that are “Making Their Mark” in Colorado communities.

DENVER (CBS4) – Many Americans struggle to find a balance between work and their true passion, but businessman Mike McCubbin found a way to make his mark. He says it’s possible to strike a balance.

Figuring it all out. That’s what McCubbin is all about. He figured out that even though he loved working for the Denver Broncos, he wanted more. So McCubbin made the move to IMA, where he’s among in the top one percent nationwide in sales for the company.

“We’re not pigeon-holed into doing one thing or another. It’s like figure out what your passion is, what you care about as a family and just get involved,” he said. “We’re going to give you the bandwidth to do it, we’re going to support you, but you’ve got to get involved.”

And so he did. His involvement with Big Brothers Big Sisters is his passion. That’s because of Javon. He has been a big brother to Javon for five years now — from grade school, middle school and now high school. Javon has changed his life.

“I have a little brother named Javon, and I’ve known Javon now for about five years and he has really become a part of our family. He’s a fantastic kid, he’s a kid I’m really proud of. He’s definitely battled through some really significant obstacles.”

And for those who think they don’t have time, McCubbin says they’re thinking about the time commitment all wrong.

“I remember couple years into our relationship I was just busy, it was football season, I was with the Broncos. I called him and I said, ‘Listen, I really want to see you this weekend, I’d love to hang out, but I’m slammed, I’ve got to rake the leaves, I’ve got to go to the grocery store, It’s almost dark.’ He’s like, ‘I’ll come with you.’ And he came over and he loved raking leaves … he’s never raked leaves, he’s never jumped in leaves like a lot of kids get to.”

Javon is going to be a senior next year. McCubbin says he wants the take away for Javon to be all about paying their relationship forward.

“Take the experiences you have and make sure others who aren’t as fortunate can share in those.”

denver business journal Man Making His Mark By Balancing Work & True PassionRead more on the website of CBS4 partner the Denver Business Journal.


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