FORT MORGAN, Colo. (CBS4) – Police haven’t named any suspects in the death of Fort Morgan teenager Kayla Chadwick who went missing 16 months ago, but they are focusing on her former boyfriend and his mother.

CBS4 Investigator Rick Sallinger obtained statements Chadwick’s boyfriend, Ivan Torralba, and his mother, Lucila Torralba, made to a grand jury. Investigators say the statements aren’t true. Both have been charged with lying to the grand jury

Chadwick had a fight with Ivan Torralba in which he claimed she pulled a gun on him and struck him, drawing blood. She was charged and a warrant was issued for her arrest in part to get her home if it turned out she was simply a runaway. District Attorney Brittny Lewton now calls the gun a weapon of interest in the case.

Before Chadwick’s body was recently found in a field a grand jury had been investigating her disappearance. Ivan Torralba was indicted, accused of tampering with physical evidence involving Chadwick and lying to the grand jury on several questions the prosecutor asked him.

Ivan Torralba (credit: Logan County Sheriff's Department)

Ivan Torralba (credit: Logan County Sheriff’s Department)

“Prior to March 27, 2012 (when kayla disappeared), did you ever possess a .357 revolver?” the prosecutor asked Ivan Torralba.

“No, I did not ever possess a .357,” he replied.

“Did you go to Rainbow Park with Slava and Jose to retrieve this .357 gun, revolver on the 28th?” the prosecutor asked.

“No, we never went to look for a gun,” Ivan Torralba said.

In each answer prosecutors say Ivan Torralba lied.

CBS4 Legal Analyst Karen Steinhauser says the charges are serious.

“Perjury and attempt to influence a public official are charges that go to the heart of our entire system,” Steinhauser said.

Ivan’s mother Lucila is also charged with lying to the grand jury.

“When was the last time you saw Kayla?” the prosecutor asked her.

Lucila Torralba (credit: Morgan County Sheriff)

Lucila Torralba (credit: Morgan County Sheriff)

“It would probably be like Saturday,” she answered.

Prosecutors believe she lied.

Ivan Torralba’s attorney said in no uncertain terms that his client is not involved in a homicide. He said Torralba is cooperating and assisting in the investigation. The district attorney said that is true only on occasion.


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