PARKER, (CBS4) – Animal control officers are searching for the person who shot a deer with a bow and arrow in Parker.

The buck has been seen walking around with the arrow sticking out of its upper torso and some neighbors are horrified. Animal control officers are urging Parker residents to keep an eye out for the injured animal.

The deer was hit and now continues to wander in the brush.

“We love the deer, we actually put water out for them in the winter,” a resident said.

Residents say the animals are part of everyday life there and certainly should be respected and not shot.

“That makes me incredibly sad to hear that,” the resident said. “We love them around here … they migrate through here and they breed and have babies and everything. They jump our fence and get in back yard.”

The Ford family had two bucks in their yard earlier Wednesday. They even leave out extra horse hay for their frequent visitors.

People along a shady bike path say the deer and other animals are part of the appeal of the area.

“During non-hunting season that’s a crime,” said a man using the bike path. “They probably don’t have laws serious enough, or penalties serious enough for people who do that. That’s what I think.”

When the hot sun goes down the deer is mostly likely to come out — if it is still alive.


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