DENVER (CBS4) – Chauncey Billups has been making Colorado proud since he was a teenager, and this week he was inducted into the National High School Hall of Fame. CBS4’s Gary Miller got to talk to Billups, long considered the King of Park Hill, about what he has in store for the future.

Miller asked Billups if he has ever thought about coming back to the Denver Nuggets in some other capacity other than a player, such as head coach or general manager.

“One day maybe, I think now is really not the time. It’s great that people view me like that, and to be honest with you I think that I could be very successful at either one of those,” Billups replied. “But there’s a time and a place for everything and I don’t think the time really is right now.”

Billups said he wants to keep playing, but he’s a man without a team right now.

“It can last a little while. (I’m a) free agent right now, back healthy and feeling good,” he said. “We’ll just kind of see what happens.”

He always ran team on the floor and is a championship point guard. Miller asked 37-year-old Billups if he might be ready to play a secondary role on a team if that’s his best offer.

“Absolutely; as you know I’ve never been a guy with this big ego (that I) have to play this many minutes or take this many shots; I’ve never been that guy,” Billups said. “My career is winding down now and the game is a lot younger now. You’ve got all these very young point guards out there now that, yeah, I can play with, but … I’m not 25 and I understand that … but I know I can contribute.”

He wants another chance to win one more NBA championship.

“I will be ready like always.”

Miller asked if not anytime soon, would Billups want to come back to the Nuggets in some role a couple of years down the road.

“Time will tell. Those are conversations that I will have to have privately with the powers that be,” he said. “Obviously I’m never leaving. This is my town, I’m always going to live here, my family is here, my kids. This is me, so we’ll just kind of see what happens.”


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