DENVER (CBS4)– Police in Denver are cracking down on illegal fireworks set off in city limits this year. They say fireworks can be just as dangerous in urban areas as in the foothills.

There is no such thing as legal fireworks in Denver. In Wyoming and unincorporated areas of Colorado, some fireworks are legal, but bringing them into Denver for any reason is against the law.

Those who break the law can be fined up to nearly $1,000 and face possible jail time.

Out-of-control fires set by illegal fireworks have destroyed homes in the City of Denver.

“We’ve seen how quickly that fire can spread into the fences and the homes then we have the same kind of threat,” said Denver Fire Chief Eric Tade.

Police said they will be monitoring every neighborhood for the sights and sounds of fireworks as the 4th of July holiday draws near.

“They’re illegal for a reason and that reason is safety. We want our community to be safe this Independence Day,” said Denver Police Commander Paul Pazen.

Aeron Calkins owns Olde Glory Fireworks which sells fireworks outside Denver city limits. He said rain and cooler conditions would help his business but the multiple fire bans haven’t put a damper on sales this year.

“Actually sales are way up. It’s tough to compare to last year because last year there was a statewide ban, but this year sales are up,” said Calkins.

Fire crews said they will be ready.

“We’re always nervous and then you get a year like this it’s always that much more,” said Tade.

There are still some sponsored fireworks shows planned around Colorado. Check out where those shows are and which shows have been canceled in the Fireworks Section.


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