(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. (CBS4) – Fire crews in Jefferson County quickly contained a wildfire that burned a home on Thursday. Investigators are trying to determine whether illegal fireworks may have started the fire.

Jefferson County officials said the fire is being called the Lillis Lane Fire. Some homes were evacuated for a short time.

Residents were alerted by reverse 911 calls and social media.

“I saw the trailer and the garage just go and then the trees and then house,” said neighbor Michelle Levitt.

Levitt and others were forced to leave home when the fire began to spread. She grabbed her most treasured belongings.

“Pictures and my sons getting married so I grabbed my wedding dress and computers and his medicine!” said Levitt.

Lillis Lane Fire (credit: Jefferson County Sheriff)

Lillis Lane Fire (credit: Jefferson County Sheriff)

Debbie Brown got a call about the fire while still at work. She and others rushed home to check on their property. Unfortunately police had already blocked off the area.

When asked what went through her mind as she was driving to get home, Debbie replied, “You know, please let them be okay. My dogs and the man that I love. That’s the only thing important there really.”

No one was hurt in the fire. Just after 1:30 p.m. the fire chief said the fire was completely contained.

Investigators are trying to determine whether illegal fireworks started the fire. If so, that person could face criminal charges.

“Talking with the homeowners they’ve indicated that there were fireworks in the area last evening. It will be part of our investigation,” said JeffCo Sheriff spokeswoman Jackie Kelly.

Neighbors said an elderly woman and her adult son lived in the home that burned down. Firefighters were able to rescue the family dogs.

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