DENVER (CBS4) – The seeds to become a business owner can be planted at a very early age. That’s exactly the case for JJ Lane, who began making his mark when he was a young boy.

Lane is the CEO and founder of 360 Service Companies.

“I started a company when I was 13 years old in the back of my mom’s car and it was a decision in my life where, ‘Am I going to continue mowing lawns, or building a lawn mowing business? Or am I go kind of figure out what I really want to do and develop more skill sets?’ “ Lane said.

Lane has always preferred to forge his own path. It was at his father’s urging that he later went to school for investment banking to learn about accounting and corporate finance.

“I absolutely love the blue collar work ethic. I love the feeling of accomplishing something,” Lane said. “Now I get to kind of combine my finance experience.”

He went from a young teen to a young investment banker, and then a young entrepreneur with 360 Service Companies.

“Well, 360 is really kind of a unique concept for us because we’re really trying to roll off and provide a full-service residential service offering to the customer,” Lane said. “Whether that’s lawn care, painting, HVAC, electrical, maid service; everything a homeowner needs is provided by 360.”

Working from his home office, Lane is choosing to do it his way, and his confidence in his abilities is unwavering.

“The key thing that I learned, it was not about anything but providing the best possible service for the customer,” he said. “Looking back at how everybody kind of helped me along the way, I felt like I owed it to any student who is motivated enough to just want to get a job in Denver … the first way I started doing it was the Investment Banking Club at (the University of Denver).”

He says he saw a need and tried to fill it for students.

“I’ll never turn a coffee down with somebody, and I hope they never turn a coffee down. That’s literally how everything started for me.”

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