DENVER (CBS4) – A 2-year-old boy was seriously hurt after falling out of a car Friday night and the driver allegedly left the scene.

The incident happened around 9:30 p.m. at 40th and Lisbon in Green Valley Ranch. Denver police arrested the alleged driver, Ross McCoy, 32, of Aurora. He could be charged with child abuse and leaving the scene of an accident. McCoy is the toddler’s father and has a history of child abuse charges in the past.

Witnesses told CBS4 the boy was lying in the street and wasn’t moving.

“I couldn’t really sleep last night. It was really terrifying,” witness Toshinae Huff said. “I got up close and the little boy was gushing out blood.”

Police say the 2-year-old was not buckled in the car properly and fell out while it was still moving. McCoy got out to help the boy and then fled.

Darlene Apodaca couldn’t erase the image.

“He wasn’t responding … couldn’t get him to open his eyes. He had blood on him and it was just horrible to see,” Apodaca said.

Denver police spokesman Sonny Jackson believes McCoy fled because he doesn’t have a license.

“Hopefully we’ll determine how the child came out of the vehicle. Obviously restraint is always a key issue. We always stress to have a child properly restrained in a vehicle,” Jackson said.

Huff just can’t believe it happened near her street.

“I just hope and pray for the family that the little boy is okay and he makes it,” Huff said.

The little boy is suffering from serious injuries. Police said the boy’s injuries are not life threatening. They also said alcohol was not a factor.

“It’s unfortunate and tragic. Truly situations like this shouldn’t happen,” Jackson said. “There are laws in place to make sure children are in car seats properly so this doesn’t happen.”

McCoy has a slew of arrests on his record over the last 15 years. They range from sex assault on a child to four counts of child abuse.


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