COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (CBS4)– More evacuations were ordered Thursday as the evacuation zone for the Black Forest Fire was expanded.

The Black Forest Fire has destroyed more than 360 homes, making it the most destructive fire in Colorado history. The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

Officials expanded the evacuation area Thursday afternoon into parts of northern Colorado Springs.

It now includes Colorado Springs to the south and County Line to the north, and it’s now west of Highway 83 approaching Interstate 25. It’s Voyager Parkway in the city and Sunhills Drive and Granby road in the county, all the way north to County Line Road and south to Burgess and Flying Horse Club Drive. It remains at Eastonville on the east.

The neighborhood of Woodmoor and Monument west of Highway 83 are not included in the mandatory evacuation.

Some did not wait for the evacuation order instead making the decision on their own to move out of harm’s way.

“I wanted to make the decision and I was telling my neighbors I want ot make the decision now so I don’t have to rush around and try to gather up things and discern what to save and what not to,” said Matt Dustin.

Teresa Feller saw the fire change direction and started gathering up her things.

“If it burns we are out. I am done. I’m going to California with whatever is in my car and my dogs and my kid,” said Feller.

The Black Forest Fire had consumed 15,700 acres as announced during a Thursday 5 p.m. news conference. Some 38,000 people have been evacuated or affected by the evacuations. That included 13,000 homes.

The bodies of two people were found in the burn area on Thursday afternoon. El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa said they were found inside their car in the garage and it was clear they were trying to get out.


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