DENVER (CBS4) – A Denver firefighter has been accused of luring a child over the Internet.

Ronald Asciutto, 59, was in court Friday morning to be advised of the charges. He is alleged to shown up to meet with someone he believed to be a female child under 15 for sex. The teen was actually an undercover investigator.

“The investigator was online portraying himself as a child under the age of 15. The communication from Asciutto is alleged to have become sexually graphic and to have continued throughout the day on June 5 and until early in the morning on June 6. The communication was primarily by text messaging,” Pam Russell with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement.

Asciutto asked the person he believed to be an under-aged teen to send him naked pictures of herself.

Asciutto has been a firefighter since 1993.

Lavina Heidenreich has lived next door to Ascuitto and his wife for more than 20 years. She says she felt safe knowing he was a firefighter.

“I could almost make me cry, really. (They’ve) always been real good neighbors. helped us out,” Heidenreich said. “I’d have trusted him with my life.”

Several neighbors were puzzled when Ascuitto recently bought a new car. He then used it on his profile for the screen name “daddy4daughter.”

He has bonded out of jail, but with conditions.

One condition of the bond is that he’s not allowed to use a computer.


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