LAKEWOOD, Colo. (CBS4) – Police say they now suspect foul play in the disappearance of a Lakewood man.

Police served out a search warrant at David Noren’s home on Wednesday. Police say they didn’t find anything very useful to explain the disappearance but his friends and family say they have a bad feeling.

Noren, 45, has been missing for more than a week.

“Dave would never do anything like this, ever. He’s as right as rain, just solid as a rock,” Mike Matchinsky said.

Matchinsky is Noren’s employer at BCT Wholesale Printing in Denver. He said when Noren didn’t show up to work, they went to his home where they found his car and his beloved dog, Olivia.

“That’s probably one of the worst things about it, that when we saw that the dog was there all alone, untended to, we knew there was trouble,” Matchinsky said.

Noren recently moved to Denver in the last few months but has worked with the company for more than two decades. Matchinsky said he was always a loyal and dedicated employee.

“Never – never missed work, never late, never calls in, no no-shows. This is way out of his character,” Matchinsky said.

Noren’s mother, who lives in Mankato, Minn., says the disappearance is out of Noren’s nature.

“Then where is he? Is he lying outside someplace? It’s just a nightmare that you can’t wake up from,” she said.

Police say Noren also frequented The Pub on West Colfax Avenue. Workers there say he was a regular and they noticed when he didn’t show up. For all those who know Noren, they say no news means something is wrong.

“We’re fearing the worst. I know his family … his family is terribly worried that they don’t know what to do. Everyone feels really helpless,” Matchinsky said.

Lakewood police say Noren also lived in Arizona and New Mexico in recent years. His coworkers say police are checking with law enforcement in those states. Anyone with information is asked to call Lakewood police.


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