DENVER (CBS4) – The convenience of Park-n-Ride lots make them an easy choice for commutes but a rise in crime at lots across the Front Range has pushed the need for an increase in security.

The Colorado Department of Transportation has installed 360-degree surveillance video cameras in some lots in Northern Colorado but the system had several gaps where crimes were still taking place.

Thefts, vandalism and even sex crimes have been reported at Park-n-Ride lots across the Front Range.

CBS4 obtained surveillance video of a serial car thief caught in the act.

“The vehicle that was stolen from this Park-n-Ride,” Commander Aaron Sanchez of the Johnstown Police Department says pointing to the video on the screen. “It was later recovered from Denver (police). We were able to pull the surveillance from the surveillance video and use that in the prosecution of that crime.”

CDOT recently wrote a $300,000 grant to install 12 new security cameras at three Park-n-Ride lots along the Front Range.

“We install all of the cameras, all of the software of the cameras, then train local law enforcement on how to use it,” CDOT spokesperson Ashley Mohr said. “If the traveling public feels safer, then we are doing our job.”

Since the cameras have been up and running local law enforcement have already seen a dramatic drop in Park-n-Ride crime.

“A would-be criminal is more apt to go somewhere where else rather than commit a crime here because they know that everything they do is going to be caught on surveillance cameras,” Sanchez said.

CDOT says the 12 new cameras will be up and running by June 1.


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