DENVER (CBS4)– A six-month-old puppy struck by a light rail train is recovering. Amazingly the heat from the train may have helped save her life from potentially deadly injuries.

Jessie is a Border Collie that is now learning to get around on just three legs after a close call with a light rail train.

On May 13 she ran away from a pet sitter who was trying to untangle her.

“We had a couple of calls from people who said they tried to catch her but just weren’t able to,” said Jessie’s owner Henry He.

Good Samaritans finally discovered the missing pup five days later. But she was in bad shape.

“Her leg was just dangling from a tiny little piece of flesh,” said Henry.

Jessie had been struck by a light rail train but was found the next day alive but in severe pain.

Veterinary surgeon Dr. Brian Van Vechten with Veterinary Referral Center of Colorado said the pressure and heat of the train may have saved Jessie’s life. He suspects it cauterized or sealed her wound.

“I think that’s the only reason that she didn’t bleed to death,” said Vechten.

Jessie’s leg was fully amputated but she is expected to recover.

Henry has a hefty vet bill of about $6,000 but said it’s worth it, “I love her, she’s awesome, she’s such a good dog.”


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