DENVER (CBS4) – The Denver Police Department is launching a new jaywalking enforcement program, but officers won’t be writing tickets right away.

Police hope to cut down on auto-pedestrian accidents and they hope people will begin to change the bad habit of jaywalking.

“We’re out passing out fliers today about pedestrian bicycle safety rules of the road, trying to cut down on pedestrian accidents we have had,” an officer told some pedestrians.

The danger each pedestrian and cyclist faces is real.

“If I am standing and I am struck by a vehicle and I’m accelerated up to 25 miles an hour, that will cause internal damage, not even talking about the crush injuries; and that will cause my organs to come apart and fail and cause death,” Sgt. Mike Farr said.

It comes down to some simple rules. When the walk symbol is lit, pedestrians have the right of way. The flashing or solid orange hand means don’t cross.

For now police aren’t handing out tickets, just flyers.

“If we see that the voluntary compliance through education isn’t working then we will move on to the enforcement,” Farr said.

Tickets are $30 for the citation plus another $35 in fees.


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