DENVER (CBS4) – The price at the pump has been skyrocketing. Gas prices along the Front Range are close to $4 a gallon in some spots.

The American Automobile Association says Colorado’s average per gallon right now is $3.81, well above the national average of $3.65.

Drivers may want to do a little research before filling up. Gas prices in Denver have shot up 17 cents in the past week, but prices have also jumped across the state.

In Fort Collins prices are up nearly 15 cents. The average in Fort Collins is 32 cents higher than just one month ago.

Nationally, the average per gallon has increased 16.6 cents during the last month. The skyrocketing prices are shocking motorists across the country.

“A couple of things have happened. First of all, everybody has switched over to summer blends by now. That usually adds 10 cents a gallon to the price. We’ve also had a few supply disruptions coming out of the Midwest, and demand is up” said Wave Dreher, AAA Colorado Spokesperson.

Historically gas prices usually start to increase at the beginning of the summer, which is next weekend. For those worried about the gas prices hiking around that magic $4 number, AAA says they don’t expect prices in Colorado to reach $4 this summer.


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