Written by Dr. Dave Hnida, CBS4 Medical EditorWant a healthy heart?

Don’t smoke. Control your cholesterol and blood pressure.

And get a dog.

A new study from the American Heart Association shows a canine is more than “man’s best friend” — it’s also your ” heart’s best friend”.

Research suggests two main reasons why pooches help tickers.

One, you tend to be more active– whether it is walking or just playing with your dog. Or in my case, being dragged down the street by my dog.

Two, your doggy is good for your soul. And what’s good for your soul is good for heart health, mainly by lowering stress hormones.  People who own a dog ( or in my case, are owned by a dog) tend to sleep better, suffer less anxiety, and less depression.

Frankly, in my case, my dog is a good and supportive confidant at the end of a rough day. We just sit on the steps, and she listens to every single thing I say– and nary casts a word of judgement. In fact, she always agrees… or seems to.

No question, my four legged friend is good for my heart arteries.


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